What Parents are Saying!

"We continue to choose this music class over several others in the area just so we could be with Ms. Jennifer, even though the other classes are closer to our home." ~ Kim of Vinings

"Being a stay-at-home dad was really tough. But introducing my daughter to music really opened up a new channel of communication between us, and things have gotten better and better ever since. Ms. Jennifer, thank you so much for everything. You are a wonderful teacher. Your lessons really brighten people's lives." ~ Nathan of Decatur

"My daughter has made huge leaps in speech and vocabulary development and I really feel like her early exposure through Music Together is a contributing factor. Singing has become part of our nightly bedtime ritual." ~ Lee Ann of East Atlanta

"We love this class because Ms. Jennifer is so awesome. My girls love her. They make music everyday because of this class. Highly recommended!" ~ Harper of Atlanta

"Ms. Jennifer truly lives her love for music and she brings that to the classroom and shares it with the children." ~ Mom of Buckhead

"Our little one loves music class! The CD works wonders for long car rides and the songs are great to calm fussiness. He loves the class. The new studio is 5 minutes from our house, which is awesome!" ~ Molly of Smyrna

"We love Music Together with Ms. Jennifer because the music is lots of fun and we get to try out lots of new instruments. With 3 kids under the age of 3, it's hard to find something we can ALL do together -- Music Together is perfect! The new space is amazing and definitely worth the drive." ~ Karen of Sandy Springs

"Ms. Jennifer has quite the talent for engaging the little ones!" ~ Owen's mom in Buckhead

"We started Music Together with Ms. Jennifer when my daughter was 15mo. She's now 3 and we still LOVE Ms. Jennifer's class. We've taken other music classes and nothing compares. Ms. Jennifer is loving and fun while keeping the children engaged and excited about music. Love her and her class!" ~ Amy of East Cobb

"My daughter loved her first music class! It is a special time for her and daddy to bond on the weekend. She is also having so much fun listening to the CD during the week. This music class came highly recommended and we are glad we signed up!" ~ Sarah of Atlanta

"Music Together classes have given us special time to share together and I will always remember the first thing my child grabbed was a tambourine! Ms. Jennifer is just the best and so very good at what she does. Although classes are a 45 minute drive for me, it is worth it!" ~ Mandy of Conyers

"It is fabulous and the highlight of our week!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"Even at 12 months, my daughter's face lights up as Ms. Katie tunes her guitar and gets ready to sing the welcome song!" ~ Suzanne of Buckhead

"Ms. Jennifer rocks and I would (and do) highly recommend her class to anyone!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"Fantastic!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"Music Together classes with Ms. Jennifer are the best! ~ Mary of Atlanta

"While I play the CD from class at home, my toddler does exactly what Ms. Jennifer does in the class. When she is in a bad mood in a car, I always put the CD on because I know she will be singing in a few seconds!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"Ms. Jennifer is an exceptional teacher!" ~ Mom of Atlanta

"Our family has been so enriched by Music Together classes with Ms Jennifer. Our 3 year old son sings to himself and to us all the time. Music Together has made music a joyful part of our daily life." ~ Mom of Atlanta

"I have been impressed from the very first class by Ms. Jennifer's ability to keep the class moving and keep everyone engaged." ~ Mom of Buckhead

"We love Ms. Jennifer!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"There are many music classes closer to my home but Ms. Jennifer is so energetic and amazing with the children it's worth the drive! The children love her and run to hug her after the Goodbye Song!" ~ Mom of Marietta

"Ms. Jennifer is amazing and by far the best music teacher we have ever had. We tested a few other music classes around town before ending up with Ms. Jennifer. She connects with the children in the best way and also educated the parents about how to connect with their children through music. You come away with a feeling that you are giving your child an education and not just entertainment (although they are very entertained as well)." ~ Phebe of Buckhead

"Ms. Jennifer is THE BEST!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"This is a "must-do" activity with your children, one that will really foster a love of music and singing." ~ Ann Hart of Buckhead

"Ms. Jennifer is the most fantastic teacher!!!" ~ Mom of Atlanta

"Ms. Jennifer's music classes were truly one of the best investments we made for the girls with respect to getting what we paid for and more. Ms. Jennifer is talented, attentive, dedicated and structured, and fun. I think I enjoyed it as much as my girls did. I would recommend it to anyone without any hesitation." ~ Kelly of Buckhead

"It's amazing how Ms. Jennifer remembers everyone's name and makes each family feel so special. We love her!" ~ Mom of Buckhead

"My two year-old LOVES Music Together class with Ms. Jennifer! He gets so excited when I tell him we are going to music class. His eight month old little brother enjoys class too. The music and songs are great and Ms. Jennifer is wonderful. Everyone has a great time at class." ~ Angela of Smyrna

"Ms. Jennifer makes everyone feel extremely welcome in class, and her energy is infectious. I highly recommend this class." ~ Amy of Brookhaven

My daughter (and I) absolutely love Ms. Jennifer's music class! As a parent, I love the fact that class is fun based and non-competitive. I highly recommend it to any parent!" ~ Stacy of Midtown, Atlanta

"I can't imagine a better class or teacher!" ~ Laura of Atlanta

"The highlight of my daughter's week is Music Together." ~ Dad of Atlanta

Music Together with Ms Jennifer is the BEST! The music is really great for kids and adults to sing along!" ~ Corrie of Atlanta

"Attending music classes with Ms. Jennifer has helped me be more comfortable with music and singing so I can take that with me outside of class. I think it has been instrumental to my daughter's development since she began attending Ms. Jennifer's classes at age 7 months." ~ Mom of Buckhead

"Ms. Jennifer brings great enthusiasm for music and for music experiences to children. Your kids will love her and will leave singing and clapping to music." ~ Brittany of Atlanta


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