Music Together® Generations

In assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and senior residences across the country, people of all ages come together to sing, dance, shake shakers, and swing scarves during weekly intergenerational Music Together classes.

While attending Music Together Generations classes located within a local assisted living facility, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their grownups from the community foster new and important relationships with the "grandmas" and "grandpas" who are residents of the facility. The classes are also greatly enjoyed by the seniors and staff, who look forward to the children's lively visits, the chance to share memories, and the sheer fun of these playful music-making experiences.  Join us this December for our annual Holiday Sing Along with our 'Grand-friends' at Woodland Ridge Assisted Living in Smyrna, GA.  Spaces are limited to 10 families.  Sign up below.

No classes are currently scheduled.