Bond With Your Baby

All over the world, parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, siblings & cousins, etc., use music & rhythm to soothe, stimulate & entertain their babies. It's incredible to watch a baby stop crying when mom or dad sings to them or rocks them, or a toddler stop fussing as soon as they hear their favorite tune! They don't care if you can't sing in tune or clap to the beat! They don't care if you forget some of the words! They just want to hear your voice and feel your warmth & love!

Imagine having an entire repertoire at your fingertips of award-winning music the whole family will enjoy! Join our Music Together community in a weekly class, with your baby. Meet other moms, dads, nannies, grannies, etc., play your class CD in the car as you tool around town, stream the music from your mobile device at play time, dinner time, bath time...and soon, right before your eyes, you will discover all of the incredible benefits of early exposure to music & rhythm here.

Do you play an instrument? Play it for your baby! If you've ever wanted to learn, the best time is when they're little, before they're mobile! Play music for your baby that you love & you will delight in seeing his or her face light up at your excitement! We think you'll be inspired to make more music with your baby after seeing how much they love it! Join us for a weekly class here.